Ride 'Em Cowboy

Old Benny Ellsworth from up Safford way
Was braggin' a lot as we chatted one day.
He'd rode some tough broncs in a wild west show,
Not much about horses that he didn't know.

My buddies and I were getting fed up,
So we plotted to silence this impudent pup.
We'd find an old bronc that would bust Benny's rump.
If we got what we hoped it would be the first jump.

"Well, go right ahead," Benny said with a smile,
"You're the easiest suckers I've seen for a while.
There's a five dollar bill in these Levi pants
That says you can try, but you ain't got a chance."

We waited around for a week or two,
Then they brought in a bunch from the range to shoe.
It was roundup time, and as you know,
They need a ramuda before they can go.

A big bay mare came in through the shute,
She was fillaree fat and wild as a coot.
She had power to spare and a gleam in her eye,
And she gave a big snort as she trotted on by.

We looked at each other and chuckled inside.
This has to be one that Old Benny can't ride.
We cornered her up away from the rest,
Swung a loop 'round her neck and said, "Ben, here's your test."

He sauntered on up while she gave us a scrap,
We asked what he wanted, a saddle or strap.
Ben said, "Give me nuthin', just me and my spurs.
When I get on her back, the problem is hers."

He swung a leg over, grabbed a handful of mane,
Then yelled let her go and that mare went insane.
She bawled, she squalled, she grunted and squealed.
She leaped, she bounded, she sunfished and wheeled.

He spurred that old gal from her neck to her hip;
No matter what happened, he still held his grip.
His one hand was holding some shoulder hair,
The other was waving his hat in the air.

At last she grew weary and started to run,
That long legged Benny was still having fun.
She came to a stop at the end of her lope,
And Ben turned and motioned to bring on our rope.

He swung to the ground and waited for us.
With an ear in his mouth, that mare made no fuss.
He held up his palm as closer we went,
We paid the five bucks; it was worth every cent!

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