"Wild Horse Porter"

Old "Wild Horse" Porter was tough in his day.
He broke many broncos the hard rugged way.
He struggled and toiled for years and for years,
To earn his small wages with sweat and with tears.

He battered his body as bronc-busters do,
Then discovered his brain was still nearly new.
To save his poor back he would use his good mind.
And the worth of this choice, he soon was to find.

He said to himself, why be a dumb jerk?
Just shackle their feet, let a rope to the work.
So he built him some shackles all sturdy and neat,
With straps, rings and buckles to fit all four feet.

For to break a wild horse he knew it was true,
That the whole knotty problem was just to subdue.
Wind a rope through the shackles then jerk out the slack
And the toughest old bronc lands flat on his back.

He'll struggle and strain till he runs out of wind.
When you let him get up, he will be your best friend.
Porter's plan worked so well that he wrote a nice book,
In which he explains every step that he took.

If you have an old horse with an ornery streak,
One of Porter's new books you quickly should seek.
Do what the book says, don't be a dumb jerk.
Just shackle his feet, let a rope to the work.

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