A Little Boy's Dad

Our Moms are neat, they're kind and sweet
And guide us all the way.
They cook our meals and scrub our heels
And help us day by day.

On Mother's Day we hear folks say
How much these ladies do,
We're filled with pride and misty eyed
Because we know it's true.

It's fine with me and I'll agree
It's great for any lad.
But now and then there's problems when
A fellow needs a dad.

He'll build a kite and do it right
And help you make it fly.
He'll laugh and run and tell of fun
He had in days gone by.

He'll swim and hike and ride a bike
As good as any boy.
He'll catch a bee or climb a tree
And fix most any toy.

He'll teach you how to milk a cow
And how to catch a fish.
He'll take a walk and have a talk
Most any time you wish.

Sent from above to give us love
Are parents two by two.
Our moms are there our lives to share
No matter what we do.

This is correct I don't object,
But still I'm very glad,
That when they came they weren't the same
But one could be a dad.

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