Angel On The Loose

Now to all we sound the warning
There's and Angel on the loose,
So you must be very careful
Or she'll snare you in her noose.

Just two years she's been in business,
But she knows her clientele,
And her charm can't be resisted,
So she's doing very well.

If she cares for gum or candy,
She will never need to cry.
For she calmly picks your pockets,
With the twinkle in her eye.

You may have the urge to kiss her
But she really doesn't mind.
For she knows that all the tighter
Round her finger you will wind.

Now her name is, simply, Mindi
And she's only two years old.
But don't let statistics fool you,
Lest you may become too bold.

Just be sure you don't get careless,
We don't need your lame excuse.
For no heart is safe from capture,
With an Angel on the loose.

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