To be a grandparent has built in defenses.
You can spoil the grandchildren without consequences.
With your years of experience advice you may mention,
But don't be surprised if they pay no attention.

Enjoy them and love them as well as you might,
They're usually home with their parents at night.
But once in a while with a chore you'll be hit.
That's the time you'll be called on, to just baby-sit.

You're seated and reading relaxed and serene.
Your wife's making things on the sewing machine.
And then there's a ring on the telephone
And you find that your time is not all your own.

It's "Hi Mom and Dad, we're off to the show.
Would you watch all the kids, for three hours or so?"
Of course you agree and before you can move,
The whole tribe is there and you're back in the groove.

They storm the backyard, they romp and they run.
They make lots of noise but they're just having fun.
Then two have decided they want the same thing.
Their tempers flare up and their loud voices ring.

And when this rebellion you've nipped in the bud,
You find the wee toddler has walked through some mud.
Your strategy then is, all down for a nap.
If you think this will happen, you're just a big sap.

Then welcome car lights in the driveway appear,
And you tell the grand children their parents are here.
"We're back, how's the kids? We're sorry we're late,
But we both were so hungry, we just stopped and ate."

A mother's and father's day we now have, and before very long I would say,
Someone will come up with the bright idea for a grandma and grandpa day.
Why there's not more written on this is apparent,
When you try to find words that will rhyme with grandparent.

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