Similes Of Life

Many a poet has used in his verse,
To symbolize living of men,
The term--stream of life, which we all understand,
As a life from beginning to end.

Every stream has its hazards and also its aides,
Be they mosses, a rapid, or fall,
So does life have a rough and unsteady course
With its sadness and joy for us all.

Then if life is so easily termed as a stream
That winds down the valley of time,
Let us put the emotions in simile form
And coin them all into rhyme.

Lakes of love are formed here and there
As the stream trickles down through the dell,
Falls of fun with a splash and a spray
Serve to make our heart joyously swell.

Swamps of sorrow loom up into view
Accompanied by puddles of pain,
Mud holes of misery and currents of care
May be brought by a shower of rain.

Now a channel of cheer may soothe our sad soul
As we paddle and float in our strife,
But we never can tell what will next be our test,
They're all in the river of life.

Then on to the sea of eternity
We must follow our uncertain route,
To scamper and join with a cloud of content,
Or sink in the deltas of doubt.

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