My tank was half full when I got in the line;
It would be a long wait, but that would be fine.

I had some time off, and the weather was good,
I would get me some gas whenever I could.

The cars would move up a space now and then,
I'd start and I'd stop, tho' I'd never know when;

So I let the car idle, just to be set --
Then the people behind wouldn't grumble and fret.

We'd move, we'd pause, we'd stop and then go,
And the minutes went by for an hour or so.

A sign loomed ahead, and I knew by then
The brand I would get -- It was just if and when!

With one more advance I arrived near the scene,
Excitement built up, I could smell gasoline!

Almost in a trance I drove to the pump,
Swung open the door and sprang out with a jump;

But the gas was all gone, I just plain drew a blank,
So I turned and drove home with a fourth of a tank!

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