The Bed Wetter

Over the years it has oft been said,
"That'll hold 'till the Salt River wets it's bed,"
When referring to something that's rugged and tough
And to hold that long would be long enough.

With all those dams so sturdy and high,
The Salt River bed was always dry.
The water was channelled down the canal
The way it should be and always shall.

So the people finally lost their fear,
And they built by the river and very near.
There was all that land just going to waste
So they filled it with buildings and business with haste.

Then in the year of seventy-eight
When everything seemed to be going great,
The Mesa Centennial was in full sway
The sun was shining most every day.

First it sprinkled and then it rained.
The storm clouds thickened, the downpour gained.
It rained and rained all over the State
And the people were thinking that it was great.

I rained 'till it filled all the dams, and so
The water had no place else to go.
So down the river it came with a rush
Knocking down trees and flattening brush.

It flooded the buildings in it's path,
Washed out bridges and streets with wrath.
It washed away people, cars and trucks.
It washed away cattle, chickens and ducks.

It flooded the valley on down below
And filled the dwellings with mud and woe.
Now it did rant, and it did roar,
It filled it's banks from shore to shore.

The crest continued to soar and soar,
You just can't trust the creek no more.
Now, it will nevermore be said,
"That'll last 'till the Salt River wets it's bed."

And if you're thinking the way I am
This is what happened to the Ho-Ho-Kam.
They all got busy on one fine day,
And the river just came and washed them away.

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