Dodger Ball

"Hi everybody and a pleasant good day,
Now Dodger ball is coming your way.
Dodger Stadium as usual is packed,
Their drawing big crowds is a well known fact.

I'm Jerry Doggett, glad to bring it your way,
Now here's Vin Skully with the play by play."
It's a pitcher's duel there's just one run,
But it isn't the Dodgers, they're down by one.

Twelve hits for the Dodgers have taken place,
Twelve Dodger runners are left on base.
The pitcher grows wild and walks on two,
It's Russell and Garvey, now what will they do?

Two outs in the ninth and up comes Cey,
He's fighting a slump and is hitless all day.
The ball whizzes by, a swing and a miss,
Now how can a team win a game like this?

Another pitch is fouled to the stands,
He steps in again, with the bat in his hands.
"The count 0 and Two," Vin Skully then said.
"If he misses again the Dodgers are dead."

A crack of the bat and a shot to the short,
Right straight to his mit, the crowd gives a snort.
But the ball bounces out and dribbles away,
"Too hot to handle," we hear Vin say.

He reached for the ball, but kicked astray,
Then fumbles it twice and throws it away.
Two runs will score, the Dodgers win.
"Dem wunnerful Bums have did it agin."

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