The Chicken Hearted Sparrow

Chicken hearted? Well, what a great shame.
For a poor little sparrow to have such a name.
They're timid and nervous enough at the start
Without being stuck with a mere chicken heart.

But wait just a minute, we maybe don't dig,
The heart of a chicken is four times as big.
A sparrow equipped with a pump like that,
Has rocket thrust at the drop of a hat.

He's four times as strong and four times as bold.
he's harder to catch and he's harder to hold.
And this wee sparrow had a goal in life,
He thought he should have a hen for a wife.

But a big red rooster stood right in his way,
He flapped his great wings and he crowed all day.
If this display wasn't bad enough,
The hens all thought he was just the stuff.

The sparrow remarked as he sat on a twig,
That red feathered rooster is not so big,
And on of these days when the time is right,
I'll challenge that fowl to a showdown fight.

Cause I am the greatest and he'll find out
I'm mighty on punch, and loaded with clout.
I'll flit like a sparrow and sting like a bee,
I'll whop that old rooster, you just wait and see.

Well the time soon came for trusting his luck,
He mustered all of his courage and pluck.
He met that old rooster and stood eye to eye.
And said, "Cock-a-doodle, get ready to die."

Then the cock flapped his wings with a lusty beat,
And blew that sparrow about ten feet.
But the bird returned, and this is a fact,
He landed on top of that rooster's back.

He hooked his claws in the feathered neck,
And the big red comb, he began to peck.
He pecked and slashed and chewed and bit,
And the big red rooster was having a fit.

He raced around in a frenzied flight,
And the hens all cackled in great delight.
It was fun to see their boastful beau,
Had met his match in so small a foe.

The wee little bird continued to peck,
And blood trickled down the big rooster's neck.
He knew it was time for him to give in,
So he promised the sparrow his favorite hen.

The sparrow accepted, but to his surprise,
When he saw her close up she was too huge in size.
So, declining the offer, he made up his mind
It would be far better to choose his own kind.

But he warned the old rooster to never forget,
That he was the boss or he'd finish him yet.
So this is the tale I am pleased to impart
Of the poor little sparrow with the big chicken heart.

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