Poker Chip

Exploding from the barrier
He thunders down the track.
Old Poker Chip is on the calf,
Dale Smith is on his back.

Dale drops the loop around its neck,
With measured skill and zest.
Then swings, preparing to dismount,
Old Poker does the rest.

He dumps the calf, but not too harsh,
Just rolls it on it's back.
Dale rushes down to tie it's feet,
Old Poker Tightens slack.

This scene repeated o'er and o'er,
A champion horse, a champion man.
Two superstars are at their peak.
Now top this combo if you can.

This man and horse has pleased the crowds
At countless rodeos.
They've won top money far and wide,
As every roper knows.

At last Old Poker's days are done.
His body brought to rest,
On a hill at the Cowboy Hall of Fame,
Where only lies the best.

And somewhere in the "great beyond,"
Wherever horses go,
Where calves go skipping through the clouds
Old Poker's there, I know.

With head held high and flashing eye,
He roams some misty shore.
Just waiting there for Dale to come,
To rid and rope once more.

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