Horse Talk

A horse can't talk, I know you'll say.
But I know this fellow, whose name is Ray.
He reads my thoughts and writes them down.
No doubt, I'm the luckiest horse in town.

The tale I'll tell in the next short while,
Is about my owner Linden Dial.
He has cared for me since I was foaled.
And now I am well past four years old.

He's taught me everything I know.
Like, when to stop and when to go.
He taught me to lead and broke me to ride.
To perform for him, is my greatest pride.

But a funny thing happened a short time back
We had been for a ride and were coming back.
It was sunny and warm on the rocky trail.
The rest were ahead, we were riding tail.

Then all of a sudden, to my surprise,
A strange thing happened before my eyes.
The boss took a dive and shock of shocks
He landed head first in a pile of rocks.

And there I stood, as still as could be.
I figured for certain they'd all blame me.
But all they had heard was some moans and groans
And saw him stacked in a pile of stones.

It was lucky for me they all understood,
That I wouldn't hurt my boss, if I could.
But I hope when he next makes a diving head stand,
he will seek for a bit softer place for to land.

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