Waldo Williams was his name,
But now he's gone, and what a shame.
Because I'm sure you know it's true
That men like him are far too few.

He was strong and rugged and plenty tough,
With a heart as soft as a big cream puff.
There wasn't a friend he ever knew
That didn't owe him a favor or two.

He'd loan you his tools for a job to do.
And help, wherever you needed him to.
He loved his wife and family, I know.
The way he praised them told me so.

We rode together, my horse he would shoe.
The times we visited were far to few.
Never the flame of gossip he'd fan.
He spoke no ill of any man.

He liked adventure, just like I do.
We made several plans that never came true.
I'll miss him, now that he's gone, and yet,
He's one old friend I'll never forget.

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