She says I snore, my wife that is.
I say, "Knock it off, don't give me the biz.
For if I snored, I'd wake up, too.
You're imagination is bothering you."

And then one night when I hit the sack,
I was cozy and warm while I lay on my back.
And just as I was starting to doze,
A terrible snort came out of my nose.

It was quite a shock, the noise I got.
The sound of a skill saw hitting a knot.
So now my guilt I will have to admit.
To say I was wrong, I don't like a bit.

I'll sleep on my side, from this time on.
The chance that I'll snore will mostly be gone.
And to my wife, I will say nevermore,
That she just imagines, and I never snore.

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