Saggy Streaker

Two elderly ladies and two old men
Had gathered at dusk in the rest-home den.

The lights were turned low and there the four sat
Just to reminisce some, and to visit and chat.

To one old girl it became just a bore
So she went to her quarters and fastened the door.

"Ah ha!" she exclaimed, "I'll liven that group!"
So she slipped off her clothes with a flourish and swoop.

Then she made a short streak at the back of the den,
Turned slowly about and streaked out once again.

Now who could that be, queried one ancient gent?
And say, did you notice just which way they went?

Was it a woman, or was it a man?
Or couldn't you tell; I'll be darned if I can.

What were they wearing? Now just let me think.
It was all of one color, and seemed sort of pink.

Then spake the old lady, "I'm stumped at your quest.
But it surely was wrinkled, and needs to be pressed."

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