Motel 6 (Rest Story)


I'm Tom Bodett for Motel 6.

If you're traveling light, (in the pocket book that is,) you might consider staying at a Motel 6 and save some money. Our rates are lower than some and much lower that others.

If night overtakes you before you find a place to stay, you might have a little trouble finding us. We don't waste a lot of money for bight lights on our sign, but there's usually a street light close enough that you can find our Big 6 if you really try.

It's all right with us if you get a room just big enough for mom and dad and let the kids sleep out in the car.

You may find our faucets drip and our toilets don't work just right, but they're still usable, if you tinker with them just a little.

We don't have wall to wall carpets. We've discovered that our semi-retarded, minimum wage help isn't comfortable with complicated machinery like vacuum cleaners. But they can do a good job mopping the linoleum.

You might find it a little difficult dropping off to sleep in one of our hard beds, but you can take comfort in the fact you have saved some money. Also you'll appreciate your own good bed more when you get back home.

This is Tom Bodett, for Motel 6, reminding you to remember us when you travel and we'll leave the light on for you, even though it is just a 10 watt bulb.

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