Desert Dawn

As the sun glares ruthlessly down from the sky
On the gray, thirsty desert so bleak and so dry,
And each bush and cactus that chanced there to grow
Is withered and parched as the hot breezes blow.

You wonder if ever this thorny old place
Could be seen with a pleasanter look on it's face.
your wonder and pity will quickly be gone
If ever you gaze on the desert at dawn.

The dark cloak of night-time is lifted with ease,
As soft as a kitten's breath floats on the breeze;
And there lies the desert with just enough light
To change it from waste to a beautiful sight.

The bushes are changed to a pillow or puff,
The thorns on the cactus are soft, downy fluff.
The trees are of velvet, the prettiest yet,
And the stately saguaro, a huge silhouette.

The aroyas are shaded like folds in a drape,
The hills in the background are smoother in shape.
And there you stand, breathless, too puzzled to speak
As cool little breezes pass, kissing your cheek.

Every man has his youth, every dog has his day,
Every cloud has a bright silver lining, they say.
Every star has a twinkle before it is gone,
And the hot, blazing desert, a soft pretty dawn.

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