Cougar Competition

What's he thinkin', that old cat?
Sure looks big from where I'm at.
Crouchin' on that big flat boulder,
Boy! What muscles in that shoulder.

Eyes a glarin', tail a twichin'
Now I see what's got him itchin'
In that gulch way down below,
It's that big buck and that fine doe.

They're feedin' slowly up this way.
He thinks he'll have a feast today.
he's in the crosshairs of my sights.
I've got that cougar dead to rights.

But he's not what I'm after now.
I want them trophy antlers, wow!
Of course, he doesn't know I'm here
So he's not plagued by any fear.

The breeze is facin' me today,
And he's not apt to look this way.
So I'll just wait and so will he.
We'll see who wins it, him or me.

A trophy is my only whim,
Survival is the task for him.
then suddenly up in the sky,
A blue jay gives his warning cry.

He sailed on down toward the deer,
To let them know that harm was near.
then quick as scat this buck and doe,
Rushed in to cover down below.

And as I looked back to the right,
The cat was slipping out of sight.
Good luck had failed to come our way,
So each would try another day.

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