When I Return

The following article appeared in the Mesa Journal-Tribune on June 24, 1943:

Local Sailor Sends Departure Poem

Following is a poem written by Ray Inglish, a former president of the local Writers' Club, who is now on naval duty with the Seabees at San Francisco. The poem was sent by Mrs. George Hawes, a well-known member of the club.
Apparently, Ray was set to leave the United States as he jotted the words of the poem down.

When I Return

The crew is set, the ship is fit;
Our cargo fills its holds;
I'll bring the story bit by bit
Just how the voyage unfolds
When I return ---

We're set to sail, the boys in blue,
And Tales I hope to tell
Of dangers in this job we do
When all is won and well
When I return ---

In memory's eye I place my friends
In rows before my sight.
I hope again, when this job ends,
I'll see their faces bright
When I return ---

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