The Remnant

I was ridin' the range just lookin' around,
For some long eared calves I thought could be found,
When out of the brush lookin' wicked and mean
Came the biggest old bull that I'd ever seen.

He was broad in the shoulders and broad in the hips
And his big long horns had sharp pointed tips.
He was rugged and tall, standin' there in the sun;
No brands and no marks, he belonged to no one.

I slipped off my horse and tightened the cinch,
I had to be ready in case of a pinch.
I mounted back up and took down my line,
In a few minutes more, that bull would be mine.

I'd slap a quick loop right over his horns,
Then give him a flip in the bushes and thorns,
And before he got up to give me a fight
I'd grab his old feet and tie him down tight.

Then I'd kindle a fire, and with hot iron in hand
Across his old hip, I would write my own brand.
I would whip out my knife, put my mark on his ears;
That bull would be mine for the rest of his years.

Well, I spurred my old horse - started whirlin' my rope
And the bull took off in a powerful lope.
With his tail in the air that beast really blew.
But my horse was fast and my throw was true.

I lassoed his horns like I said I would,
Now I'd give him a flip as quick as I could.
But the cinches broke and the saddle flew
And right in the middle was you know who.

The rope came loose when we hit the ground,
It caught my arm and went round and round.
The slack came taught and away I did zoom,
I figured right then I was meetin' my doom.

Then that mangy old brute started changin' his mind,
He resented me trailin' so close in behind.
So he whirled right around and began coming back
And I freed my arm quick when the rope became slack.

He lowered his head and he started for me,
But thanks to my luck, I was near a big tree.
No time to climb up, so I jumped in behind,
And he thundered on by - he was chargin' me blind.

A number of times he charged with a rush
And then disappeared through the trees and the brush.
Now I really don't know who his owner might be
But I'll tell you for certain, it sure isn't me.

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