One Of Three

Mary and Joseph and Jesus the Babe,
Were transients in Bethlehem.
Three wealthy and wise men came from afar
To honor and visit them.

And in the Godhead, once again,
Appears the number three.
The Father, Son and holy Ghost
Comprise the Diety.

While through the night He wept alone
In bleak Gethsemane
And in His grief sweat drops of blood
In total agony.

The soldiers came to capture him
And sought for His abode.
Then one He loved betrayed Him thrice
Before the cockrel crowed.

Between two common thieves He hung,
In pain for all to see.
With hands and feet, in brutal style,
nailed to a so called tree.

Then from a borrowed tomb came forth,
his power set Him free.
In resurrection's plan He rose
The last day of the three.

Now, our dear Lord, to show our love,
Our duties number three:
To praise Thy name, obey Thy word
And testify of Thee.

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