Growing Old

I've got no business growing old,
So many stories to be told,
So many songs that should be sung,
So many things to do while young.

So many mountains yet to scale,
I need more time to win, or fail.
In life's great game of give and take,
I need more youth, my goals to make.

I'm not content with folks my age,
Where all repose serene and sage.
And as they rock, wait to explain,
Each trial they've had, each ache and pain.

Sometimes I feel so young inside
I think I must look young outside.
This feeling doesn't last, for lo,
My mirror tells me it's not so.

When I was young I'd leap and spring,
And mount my horse with graceful swing.
But since my youthful zest is gone,
I hobble up and just crawl on.

So fleet of foot, so sure of aim
I wish I still could be the same.
In sports events I once excelled,
But just to watch I'm now compelled.

A warm-up ball once rolled my way,
I reached to throw it back in play.
Now this small act should bring no harm.
I went half way, and hurt my arm.

Now I've complained and I've rebelled,
And tried to keep what I once held.
Forgive me if I whine and scold,
I've got no business growing old.

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