Don't Cry, Little Indian

Shy little Indian child, don't cry.
With dear, sweet face and shining eye.
Your family loves you that is true,
Your foster family loves you, too.

It's sad from native haunts to part,
Your eyes are windows of your heart.
But soon the time will fly away
and you'll be happy every day.

You left your home a plan to serve.
We laud your courage and your nerve.
You left your plains and winter snow,
The winds that whisper as they blow.

The weather with it's sudden squalls,
The echo of your canyon walls.
The flocks of sheep and goats that roam,
The faithful horses near your home.

So live with us and while you're here,
Have purpose, greater that your fear.
You'll go to school and learn our ways,
To help you live in future days.

The best we have we'll give to you,
The best you have, you'll give us too.
You keep the culture of your hills,
We'll add new culture and new skills.

Yes stay with us and while you stay,
May God protect you every day.
And as you slumber through the night,
May dreams be brought by angel flight.

We're glad you've come our lives to share,
and add your brightness everywhere.
We'll all be happy, bye and bye,
So brave little Indian child, don't cry.

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