The Blow Hard

The family named Wind has a big wayward son,
He is not like the rest of the clan.
There is Breezy and Gusty and Mamma Whirl Wind,
And Pa Gale is a kind steady man.

But the son named Kane is restless and wild.
He is wayward, rebellious and mean.
His cousins, Cy Clone and Torry Nado,
Seem always to be on the scene.

The three will soon quarrel and Kane will get mad,
And off in a rage he will blow.
Too bad for whoever might get in his path,
As down through the land he will go.

Murder and pillage is left in his wade,
As he rips over village and plain.
Always in a hurry, always in a rush,
So they called him "Old Hurry-Kane."

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